The Warrior-Poet

As Erwin McManus says in this interview,

“I think of David in the Old Testament. He was an artisan and a warrior. He was a warrior poet. He had the strength of courage to kill Goliath and the artistic tenderness and sensitivity to soothe Saul’s spirit by being a harpist”.

The tradition of the Warrior-Poet is an interesting, and relevant one…  ” (he) is not a badass who enjoys poetry. That’s not enough. It’s about a particular philosophical outlook bordering on pacifism. A Warrior Poet is a character who can and will fight, but yearns for a more peaceful world, and believes that a more peaceful world would be a better world, typically as a result of an epiphany or spiritual enlightenment of some sort, and often in a way that puts them at odds with others. In short, a warrior who has grown out of bloodlust.”

There is an element of pacifism to the Warrior-Poet. He’s traveled far, and seen too much blood shed for sport, gain, laziness or lack of principle.  And in my view, he is one who is willing to go the distance for ultimate rescue and redemption. In other words, he is sacrificial.

This is the basis of chivalry, which after all is emulating Jesus as Warrior-Poet.  YES. Chivalry was the elevation of a life aspiring to beauty, and honor, which came to be the foundation of Nobility. It is also where the idea of courtly love originated, if Wikipedia is worth a plugged nickle. Who else but God Incarnate could understand the human condition? And then out of a Noble and Good heart, be willing to sacrifice his own blood in order to enter hell, and rip the keys of slavery from the hands of the enemy. Yes, definitely a Warrior-Poet, who strode into the enemy camp, humble and desiring any other way, but intent on doing everything required to ransom mankind.

This individual has been planted somewhere within our collective consciousness.  He appears in numerous cultures over time, a character so ancient that no one remembers where, or when, his name was first called.

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