Back in the Saddle Again…

I’m home, having made a whirlwind trip to Texas. I left a day later than I had planned, and returned a day earlier than I had planned.  I spent several days at the stables, hung out with some good friends, and a few good horses 😉

Yesterday, I awoke at 3:30 am, packed in 15 minutes, and then stumbled around carrying things out to my truck in the dark, trying to think of things I may possibly be forgetting. Without coffee… that’s a death wish. Really. I’m surprised that I survived at all.

So I pulled out at 4:30am, cutting cross-country below Dallas, hitting I-20 near the Louisiana border. I saw some beautiful country, and met a few interesting Farmers in one particular gas station. We talked briefly, and I was struck by the simple generosity, and kindness of one man in particular. He was genuinely very interested in my travels, accent, and destination. Had I some room in my schedule, he seemed like a person who would have had some godly wisdom for me as well as some good stories. You can just tell that about a person when you meet them, at least I can. I made it to T-town at 4:15pm, met some friends for dinner, and went on to watch our boys beat the Hoover Bucks in the State Championship, 35-34, what a shoot out! Amazing… Got home at 12:30 am, and slept hard. I’m ready for a nap now.  Downtown is covered in toilet paper, BTW. That’s how we celebrate here…

The phone rang incessantly, there is much to do.  The reasons for my much needed break all quickly re-assaulted me on the drive home. And looking back, I realize that it was truly an assault. An attempt by the enemy to steal any good that was deposited in me while I visited with friends. I felt so relaxed, and carefree.  And while it was dusty, and windy, I liked it well enough. Although I still think Colorado, a Saloon, and a woman that was needing a dance partner would be a much better destination. I’m just sayin’. I could even do without Colorado, and the Saloon, for that matter. 😉  jussayin’.

And while it’s far away, I can readily make enough excuses to head to Texas periodically.

OK, at least three off the top of my head;

1- They have Fat Tire.

2- It is the land of the most exquisite potato chowder…unbelievable…

3- And the women simply have the most delightful accent, so easy on the ears, I could listen to it for hours at a time…

If all three of those ingredients were there, you’d have me positively hypnotized.

Come to think of it, I was. Which is why I want to go back.

Now, if I could just ride the Giant Horse…

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