What Is She Worth?

This post has been in the cooker for a little while now, and stems from  reading “I Want Them To Know What They Are Worth” over on Barista Bruce’s Brews.  And from a number of things that have converged over the last 5-6 months. All of which make me remember. Read these posts if you have the time, they are very good. And very important.

A while back I had dinner with an interesting man, trade and credentials are not important. He was extremely witty, a great conversationalist, and soon zeroed in on the fact that I am single and “life must be really great, eh”?  winka-winka. With a sly smile, he steered the conversation towards the benefits of being single, “what with all of the available women out there and all”. I shook my head, laughed, tolerated his brief comments, and gradually steered the conversation in a different direction. “It’s no better, certainly not the way I want, life is just different.” You know, I don’t live or react any differently than I did when I was married. I certainly pray about possibilities now, because I can’t see God leaving me this way for very long. My attitude is that I’ve done my time in the box, and I’ve been paroled. And I aim to be rehabilitated baack into society. 🙂

As a young man I had difficulty getting past a woman’s outer beauty in order to really get to know her, to really see her. Beauty can be inviting, an obstacle to clear vision, or even used as a weapon. Calling on the wisdom of years, or whatever, I now know that this treasure resides in earthen vessels. Don’t get me wrong, I am impressed by His handiwork. Eve, IMHO, is the pinnacle of Creation. If man was created  just a little lower than the Angels, then woman rests her head on Heavens footstool. Jesus always saved the best for last, didn’t He??

As the pinnacle of Creation, our better half, they generally appreciate, create, and bring far more beauty into this world than we men-folk could ever dream of. And we would generally starve for lack of it, we need them in so many ways that we can’t begin to understand. Women are generally incredibly gifted in the things of the Trinity, relationship, love, and creativity. If it weren’t for this gift that women bring into our reality, we would happily live in our own version of the post-apocalyptic “Book of Eli”. Our world would be colored in varying shades of gray. I have no problem admitting to that, just stay out at “Deer Camp” for one week and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. “Beer, boollits, and burritos”. With lots of dusty animal heads hanging around for artistic effect. I once saw a lamp made out of a Jack Daniels bottle… and it was very cool. See what I mean?

I’ve had several conversations with my teenage son about the the fairer sex over the years. It began early on, but really in earnest around age 13.  We were on a long trip home, when he and I pulled into a Rest Area in Northern Kentucky. We stopped for a drink of water, to stretch our legs and ‘rest” before we made the final run into Cleveland.. As we walked toward the pavilion, an attractive Mother-Daughter pair walked past us in short shorts and halter tops. I can’t say I didn’t notice, but I was able to make my way with dignity. Junior, on the other hand, clipped an aluminum light pole with his shoulder and spun half around in the walkway as I steadied him. I laughed, deftly assessed the situation, and soon after we got back into the truck I eased into “Phase 3” of  “the talk”. I struggled to maintain composure at first, I really wish my Dad had been around to hear that one. So, several conversations ensued about beauty, dignity, and respect.

Life can be strained for men, though it’s often a much harder and darker dimension altogether for women. You’d have to be blind to miss that. I know the thing that brought it all home for me was one day realizing that every woman, be she a girl, young woman, mother, or grand mother, was someones daughter. I know the stories of the women in my family, my sister and mother, and how they have affected me. And I know how I want men to respect my daughter. Disrespecting a woman, in any way, disrespects all of humanity.  I hear my Father…  If I want my daughter to be treated like the priceless creation that she is, that means all other women are instantly afforded the same honor. They are sisters, all daughters of Eve. I think Paul had a lot to say about this, “so easy a cave-man could do it”.

I pray that no one ever disrespects her, and that she never believes what the world will inevitably try to tell her about herself, her femininity. About her own particular beauty.

Because it is not true. And if for no other reason, because her brother who at 6’5″ and 300 lbs. doesn’t believe it either. And I can hit a fly 30 yard…


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  1. Your perspectives are greatly refreshing and deeply life giving Jim. Thank you for this post! Greg

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