The Recovery of Your Heart

Have you lost heart? You can’t do much without your heart. Without a heart that’s healthy, and strong, as I know from recent experience. About a month ago I had to have a heart catheterization because of sudden, debilitating chest pains. The Doc found a few unique things about my heart, but nothing that will slow me down, or prevent me from riding.

So, I’ve learned a lesson in handling stress, and about the power of relationships. We all know that relationships can harm us, but they can also nourish and heal. That’s why we shouldn’t do this alone.

What does it look like to lose heart? How does that affect your vision, what you believe is possible in this life? Does it affect how you think God sees you, what you believe His attitude toward you is in this life and the next?

What you read and see below comes straight from the pages of Brave Heart Outposts website.

Immediately below each video is some of the text from each respective page. We believe that these videos depict our unique struggles as men and women to recover our hearts, and to live out of that Good and Noble Heart that Jesus came to create in each one of us.

From “The Man’s Heart”;

“The movie Gladiator tells a powerful story of Maximus, a man who loses everything—his family, his position, his freedom. Following the brutal murder of his wife and son, he is sold as a slave and forced to compete as a gladiator.

Understandably, Maximus loses heart. But through battle, adventure, and a community of fellow captives, he begins to remember his dream of Rome as it was meant to be. He sees that his is part of a much larger story, one in which he is destined to rescue not only what was lost from his life but also from the lives of those around him.”

Perhaps like Maximus you’ve felt this same realization that something has been lost. And perhaps you sense that stirring in your heart that life should be much grander and more glorious than reality suggests. Friends, there is more, so much more, to life than you can think or imagine—more love, more triumph, more rescue, more restoration, more release.

The good news is that you are not left alone to rescue your heart. As Maximus tells his fellow gladiators, “Whatever comes out of these gates, we’ve got a better chance of survival if we work together.” This is the reason for being and mission of Brave Heart Outpost.”

From “The Woman’s Heart”; 

“Does your heart long for more out of life—
more love, more restoration, more freedom, more triumph? 

In The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Arwen is a queen-like woman, gentle and longsuffering, whose presence brings calm and healing. Eowyn—a beautiful princess-warrior—relentlessly protects family and friends from the darkness of tyranny. Despite their differences, these women share common desires of the heart:

•to be precious enough to be pursued by the man they love; 
•to be embraced, accepted, and understood for who they are; 
•to be life-saving and life-giving; 
•to play a significant role in life’s adventures. 

In pursuit of these desires, they experience unrelenting opposition. As she waits for her love, Arwen wrestles with her identity: will her destiny come true? In her loneliness and isolation, darkness creeps in, smothering her dream and causing her to lose heart in the journey. Eowyn feels her heart caged by circumstances. Stifled by expectations to be someone other than her true self, she experiences bitterness and despair that cause her to lose heart.

Their hearts are awakened by true romance—an invitation to become part of an adventure and a fellowship of kindred hearts. When they accept and understand their stories are part of a much bigger story, Arwen and Eowyn rescue not only what was lost from their hearts, but also from the hearts of those around them.

Perhaps like Arwen and Eowyn you share this realization that something in your heart has been lost. Perhaps you sense a stirring that life should be more glorious than reality suggests. Perhaps you desire a brave, new heart.

The good news is that there is a God who is for you and a faith community who wants to help you discover more to life than you can imagine. Explore the pages of our website to see how Brave Heart Outpost can come alongside you and help you rescue and restore all that has been lost.”

Me now; guard your heart, care for it, and then when it’s beating strong and free, follow it. Because He who sees the heart has redeemed it, placed good things within it by His grace. And they are to be discovered, enjoyed, and shared with those who come along on the journey. 

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