Recognizing The Obvious

I realize that things in life which are most obvious are usually the most overlooked. I guess that’s one way of saying that we take things for granted, or can become so easily hypnotized by life that the ‘aha’ moments can slip up on us, and away from us, without being recognized for what they are.

As I was preparing to begin another entry here, I took a minute and looked at my design one more time, and realized something.

The signature photo of my blog lays at the intersection of Farm To Market Rds. 48 & 1268 in Hemphill County, Texas.  This scene from the movie “Cast Away” has been the underlying theme of my blog from the very beginning. Where after surviving the loss of life and love, all he held dear, Chuck Noland is at a place of decision. He has returned the one package that survived along with him, which in a way helped him survive.  It gave him hope, kept him going, and looking toward the future. It was a message in a bottle, a time capsule, that came to him on that island.

And after finally delivering the package to an empty home, he finds himself standing in this now famous intersection.  He stands there looking at his map, checking the horizon in several different directions. As if by just looking he might determine the road that leads to the new life that has been calling from deep within. He doesn’t recognize that this life is right here, about to meet him here in this intersection, and that the journey doesn’t go on simply because he can see further down the road.

As he’s standing there, an attractive woman pulls up in a pick-up truck, and offers her assistance. She points out exactly where he is, and the destinations that are possible from that one place.  You can sense the chemistry in the air, perhaps you’d call it a kairos moment. And as she drives off, he can’t help but stare in her direction. There they are, those familiar angel wings on the tailgate of her truck. The same wings that were on the package he’d been guarding for so very long, and had just returned. There was a message to him about his future in those wings. And here they are once again.

The rest of the story is left up to us to write, in our minds.

How do you think it ends? Does he recognize the moment, this Divine, Appointed Moment, and step into his destiny?

Or does he simply pick out a comfortable destination somewhere, just plopping his finger down on the map like some kid playing travelers roulette in his bedroom?

If you are like me, then you’re going to write the same ending. He recognizes that voice within, that gave him hope, that told him there was a good place at the end of all of this.

And he follows that pick-up truck in order to gain a proper introduction to the future that’s been calling him to him over those 1500 brutal days.

The smile that slowly comes across his face tells it all. He may not be able to tell you exactly what is stirring in his heart, but somewhere down in his spirit he knows that he can’t afford to miss this chance.

I think it’s left unfinished for a reason. It is there to call to you, to me, and to remind us of this adventure that’s called life. That life may seem hard, brutal, and we may come through some really hard deserts to arrive at this crossroads. We may have lost a lot along the way. But it’s been preparation. Underneath it all, there has been a steady hand guiding us along this path.

We may not know what it’s all about, but when we get to that place of looking out at the horizon and trying to find our own way, we will see. If we stand still, and look, there will be Angel Wings to help us find our way.

I’ve always identified with Chuck, and his passage. And this scene has always spoken so loudly to me, to the point of bringing tears to my eyes and stirring up the faith within me. It has been one of the messages that has helped me make it through. So, in some way, this scene in Texas became my angel wings. It has called to me in the very same way, for quite some time now.

That God has indeed seen me along the way, that angel wings do appear if we’re watching, so that we do not miss the good gift He’s been preparing all this time.

So if you drive through an intersection out in the middle of nowhere, and happen to see this lost man doing his best Tom Hank’s impersonation, toot your horn and wave.

I’ll just be standing there, listening to the wind, waiting and watching.  🙂

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