Speak Lord, Your Servant Is Listening

I really like the story of Samuel, as a child in the Temple. How the LORD spoke to him, called to him, and that he could hear and respond to Him.

And I’ve often wondered what ran through Eli’s mind as he realized that the Living God was speaking to this child and not to him.

I wouldn’t have been jealous, but I’d have been doing some serious soul searching.

And so it is that God often by-passes the instruments we’ve been accustomed to, and comes to us in a new, unrecognized, and fresh way. Through someone who is actually listening.

More than ever lately I’m aware of the principle of dynamic tension in the spiritual realm. No, not the Charles Atlas muscle building technique!  You know, loving God, AND loving man. The Spirit and The Law.  Grace and Law. Faith and Works, hearing and doing, etc.

Most things in life are not simple choices, but when they are they are usually very good for us. But there is usually an element of discernment, or balance, required to make things fly rightly. Kinda like riding a bicycle. You have to pedal, maintain balance, AND steer all at the same time. You cannot focus on performing one aspect of that well to the neglect of the others. The result is obvious disaster.

And so I’m working on listening, hearing, and obeying God. Because I know He is always speaking. But am I always listening?

I went to a Christmas Eve service, and sat and listened to the music, the few words that were spoken. And I realized that the weariness I’ve been feeling lately, the anxiety that I’ve fought off, has been largely because I’m not sitting and listening close enough. God is speaking, continuously. But am I in a place of listening? Continuously? And if so, what is the proof of that?

Speak Lord, your Servant is listening.


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One Response to Speak Lord, Your Servant Is Listening

  1. KJP says:

    Yeah, He has a mighty soft voice so easily lost in our busy lives…..May you always hear, and obey.

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