Let’s Get It Started

OK, I’m not really one for making New Years Resolutions. Primarily because I’m not driven enough, or whatever enough, to work off of a list when it comes to living. It doesn’t work for me if it’s too detailed. Accomplishing things at work, or home, no problem. A list  helps me to remember, although it’s still no guarantee.

I like to think more in terms of things I’d like to do, people I’d like to see. Not command performances, but things that I’ve already felt deep inside, and are already on the horizon.

That said, there are several things I hope for 2012. In no particular order;

1.- Colorado Springs; I’m planning to visit my friend Skip once he’s moved into his new diggs. He’s been taunting me me with pictures of beautiful Brook Trout, and great mountain scenery since he visited back in November. He’s done that on purpose, bait in order to lure me West. It’ll probably work.

2.- Michigan; I’ll possibly be heading home for Easter to spend time with my sister and her family. I’ve never been to their new home, and will be able to see my cousin Randy too!

3.- Here; helping D finish up his Eagle Scout requirements. He’s close, and wants to do it, but he’ll need some help to get his project scoped out, and funded. That’s Dad territory 🙂

4.- Colorado-2; I’d like to make it Ransomed Heart’s Advanced Boot Camp.  I need that, on several levels. Maybe I can tie it into my visit with Skip.

5.- Texas; want to spend time helping my friends M and P around the stables. Maybe take my Ginger Snap along for riding lessons. And to begin exploring this fascinating state. It is a very interesting place, and I’ve even discovered that I have relatives there now… so, you know I’ve got to visit family.

6.- Simplify; I need to simplify my life. There are too many time wasters, unnecessary parasitic things that drain the precious life we have. I’m planning to go through my office, apartment, closet, and my storage unit.  Ruthlessly. 🙂 This has become more of a focus for me in the last 6 months. It needs constant attention. The simpler things get, the better I feel. Wonder what that says about me? Simpleton!  🙂

7.- Build relationships. 2011 was the year that really showed me how much we, I, need others. So I’ll continue to spend time with my kids, make new friends, try new things, and stretch myself. It’s not a matter of convenience, or recreation. It’s really a matter of life. I can feel this.  It’s palpable, right under my skin.


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