The Next Three Days

I’ve been watching films for a while now, with an eye toward finding scenes that portray the timeless and defining struggles of life that seem to be mirrored in our own stories over and again. Especially those that capture the essence of the battles that men and women called to walk in the Light invariably fight in this life. There is so much darkness and confusion brought to bear against us in this, that we constantly need to be awakened to it. To see the struggle that we are in for exactly what it is. Else we may forget our new, Good Heart and believe that we deserve our fate, that we belong in prison, and run the risk of never escaping. Of not accepting God’s complete Rescue.

I found this one tonight, purely by chance, as I watched Russell Crowe in “The Next Three Days”. In this clip, the main character is coming into the visiting room to talk with his wife once more. In the previous scene she had falsely confessed to him that she was guilty of the murder that has landed her in prison. He left looking shaken, and confused. The clip begins at their very next interaction. Watch the entire movie if you have the chance.

Listen to the dialogue, watch their faces. It is so very powerful, recognizing that there are times when we need others to speak truth into our lives. And fight for us. There are battles we are not meant to fight alone.


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2 Responses to The Next Three Days

  1. KJP says:

    I am just guessing, but James Bond would not be in this, would he?

  2. chuck says:

    No Kris, no Bond in this one. But you may like Russell Crowe. I wish you were here, we could have a gradually "graded" movie night once a week, and slowly ease you into this. I'll provide the snacks and refreshments :)~

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