Seth Godin on Curiosity

Seth has some interesting comments on curiosity, and makes a comment on Fundamentalism as a way of thinking that doesn’t consider truth unless it fits into a narrow, predefined framework. I’m not sure that I agree with that assertion, although I understand where he’s coming from with it.

But this is interesting to me, because believing in an All Powerful, All Knowing God, I don’t have that fear. All truth, real truth, is God’s truth. So a careful study of a thing can only confirm and enrich what I already believe. 🙂

Now I am so glad that my mom tolerated the little boy who was constantly dragging home radios, vacuum cleaners, and televisions in order to perform circuit board lobotomies. Just to see what made them tick. She allowed me to feed my curiosity, to let it breath.

Thanks Ma, for the freedom to exercise curiosity.


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2 Responses to Seth Godin on Curiosity

  1. KJP says:

    well, no idea whom this guy is or thinks he is – but i am sure glad that he thinks so highly of himself to sit in judgement of those whose beliefs apparently challenge and scare him.for his benefit, someone needs to stuff a sock in his mouth and maybe he can think about something other than himself(?)!who said, "… we condemn what we can not understand nor control …"?(personally, I believe "fundamentalists" have been misguided by the abomination of American Culture upon the world of faith and religion. but then, that is God's job to judge as He whacks religious leaders whom apparently don't know my God….)

  2. chuck says:

    Yes, I think that is largely the reason for his comment, although certainly he sees things from an American viewpoint. But yes, we condemn what we do not understand. Perhaps if he stays curious long enough, he'll find the God of the Universe waiting around the corner for him.

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