He-Man Women Haters Club

Without going into the details, I’ll just say that I was reminded of this episode of “The Little Rascals” several weeks ago by someone who is very dear to me. And I’ve not been able to get it out of my mind.

It is really a stab at the Gentlemen’s Clubs of yesteryear. The social establishments created so that men could get away from the women-folk in their lives, and have quality “guy time”. You know, smoke cigars, drink their beverage of choice, and let their hair down. Or worse.

But I think the underlying concept is generally sound. You do need to have friends, a social support network, comprised of members of your own gender. One person cannot possibly provide all of your social needs. Nor should they be expected to bear that burden. And we should be mutually supportive of one another in seeking this. It’s good for each of us, and if used wisely makes a couples time together as man and wife that much richer, valuable. It allows us to enter that space more “us”, able to give from a full storehouse within. Not out of lack, or a thin margin. It helps us keep perspective, maintain a healthy concept of “self’, and allows us to bring that healthy self into the relationship to the glory of God, and in the best interest of our partner. It’s all about balance.

But, as ridiculous as the clip above looks, this is the risk we run if we seek to redeem and restore masculinity on it’s own, in our own strength. All on its own. There are examples enough. In fact, our history is more about this club than the new one Jesus came to establish.

But masculinity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. As odd as it seems, it’s only recognizable and valuable because of its counterpart, the women in our lives. And they can make the same claim toward us. We are two halves of a whole, and can’t see ourselves clearly apart from each other. Apart from what appear to be our differences, but which can become the individual strengths we bring to one another. At least that’s my perspective on it.

Jesus took time apart, not in an effort to get away from those he was called to, but in order to rest, recharge, and spend time before the Father. So that He could live in the present before them, aware and involved in all the Father was doing on behalf of those he was called to serve. So as men seeking out mentors, and fathers, and guides, we need to keep in mind Gods design. His purpose in this. If we stray too far afield, flexing our muscles and trash talking like the barber shop guys in Gran Torino, we miss the real reason for our being. Our original calling.

We are simply blessed to be part of Gods perfect design. One half of the whole, complimentary forces for mutual good.

The Yin to their Yang.


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2 Responses to He-Man Women Haters Club

  1. KJP says:

    well said! and whom can not love that rascals episode!i have to admit that i am ill at easy when surrounded by only men. men generally 'want' you to identify with them, but i hate sports and don't grunt well. the church i go to has a men's ministry but perhaps my definition of man is off – as it would best be termed a male ministry. Men seem to be in short supply around here.i have been to "men" only establishments here and abroad, but honestly that just is not me.i would rather be in a mature study group, where navels are not explored but our relationships in Jesus are. where i can just be me and not even try to live up to others' expectations.and i haven't found one of those locally…..

  2. chuck says:

    Your comment makes me think of C.S.Lewis "Abolition of Man", and his "men without chests" statement. I think we may have quietly arrived.

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