Living In The Moment

A good friend of mine, Skip, visited a couple of months ago. We spent a long weekend together. Mostly, we golfed. And Skip was a true gentleman, bearing with my inept attempts at the game. He really wasn’t there so much for golf, as he was to spend time with me. It didn’t matter so much if I hit the fairway solid with my first drive off of the tee, or if I ended chasing my ball in the woods. I tried to convince him that I spent more time in the woods looking for my ball because I liked the woods, I AM a professional outdoorsman, after all. He wasn’t buying it, although he encouraged me just the same. And we had a guest join us, another superb golfer who was nearly text book perfect. Whatever. Neither of them bought my ruse, although I thought it sounded good! We did have fun however.

We spent time together in the kitchen, I was more like his understudy. Watching the master as he sliced, diced, and managed all of the components of the meal so that they peaked together at just the right moment. Cooking is like music, if you understand that. It is truly an art, requiring you to move with the rhythm, to watch, listen, taste and adjust the tempo to arrive at your desired result.

Anyway, Skip and I had plenty of time to talk, visit, and just enjoy each others company. And he brought some very rare and unique IPA’s that we devoted some loving attention to. In short, we had a great time.

But the whole purpose of the weekend, I think, was to take to heart some very simple, but wise words he had for me. Surrounding Matthew 10, and living in the moment. Being present where I am now, not worrying about what may or may not happen. And he made some good points that simply showed how we can miss what God is doing, here and now, when we are not present. When we borrow trouble, vain imaginations, from the future. When we worry, and try to figure out the future before it ever gets here. I needed to hear that. Because I don’t want to miss the future, while I’m looking down and fumbling with how I’ll get there. I don’t intend to derail myself, but think of Caddy Shack…

“Danny. Danny, I’m going to give you a little advice. There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen; all you have to do is get in touch with it. Stop thinking…let things happen…and be…the ball.”

Simple, incredibly valuable lesson from a man who has really learned how to do that.

And I came away that weekend with a better understanding of how we mature and grow. How we ripen.

It’s a slow, gradual process, generally. We don’t see it well ourselves, though others may. And by our own definition, we may not get there entirely “in this life”.

I look at myself, and think how unfinished I am. Lots of rough edges for God’s love to polish away. But if I wait around until I am “presentable”, “whole”, and “polished”, I’ll never step into the water that’s there waiting to do the job. “Take me to the river, wash me in the water…”

I have to be content, accepting of the fact, that I may not be all that I “should be” in this life. And that learning to accept that about myself, and others, may be THE lesson I need before I do walk into the next chapter.

Calling and Destiny have been two intertwined subjects that I honestly have wrestled with for a while now. Now more than ever since the heart episode a few months ago.

There are a few things going on that all point to this, whispered directions that I am straining to catch. I’ve learned that God is very patient and persistent with me however. If I miss the first one or two softly spoken turns, His GPS has me right back on track at the next mention if I am listening.

So… safe travels!

BTW, I think I am about to have the search feature on my blog all fixed up. Seems like I had a number of conflicting tags, and my search function here just didn’t like the disorganization. Another day or so, and you might be able to search for some things in the archives here and actually find them.

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