The Wounded Healer

I was listening to Dr. Kevin Elko’s   Monday Morning Cup of Inspiration of March 19th.  It’s usually such a timely message for me,  speaks right into the place where I am at the moment.

And at one place in today’s message, he refers to Henry Nouwen’s book, “The Wounded Healer”. It is a much more profound message than I had ever first been willing to admit, or understand. That once we’ve been wounded, and only then, is spiritual growth possible to where we can offer comfort and healing to those wounded around us. And that we may not be fully healed ourselves in this. Our own wounds may bound up and dressed, still awaiting the fulfillment of the Promise, as we go out. That doesn’t sound like Sunday-school Christianity, that sounds like a man who entered our time and space, lived through the worst this life had to offer, and “If someone asks him, ‘What are these wounds on your body?’ he will answer, ‘The wounds I was given at the house of my friends.’

Life can certainly be “life-like”, and wear on you. And you will have wounds.  And I need constant reminders that those who wound us really aren’t our enemies. They are secondary causes, used by the enemy.  And that God always brings us bread to eat, and offers healing, in the same way. Generally not in an overwhelming “air-drop”, but in less obvious, secondary means. Through those around us, those who look all too much like us, bandages covering their own honor-wounds.


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