Are We Confused?

Following along with George Barna, here today in Election 2012 Preferences: Political Polarization among U.S. Faith Segments, and over the years, has been a very enlightening experience. Where Evangelicals, and other Main-Liners, have meandered off to is more than interesting. The sheep have scattered.

We have fragmented, are fragmenting, and have lost the spiritual unity that we didn’t know we had. Yes, we were more aligned across denominations, or sects, than we ever realized.

So now that our house is divided, who will be moving in to rearrange the furniture after us?

If we’re serious, it’s time to put away our minor differences, unite around our core beliefs, Jesus, and get to work. If we can’t live together in a society, and make it better, we need to ask some serious questions of ourselves.

The clock is ticking, virgins are trimming their lamps. The Bridegroom is coming.


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3 Responses to Are We Confused?

  1. rich says:

    virgins are trimming their lamps. i haven’t heard that metaphor. can you explain it?


  2. chuck says:

    Hey Rich, that comes from the parable of the 10 Virgins, where Jesus is telling his disciples that they had better stay awake, and prepared for His final return. And I think it is meant to show how many of us will be waiting for Him, but not prepared to go the distance and wait as long as we must, till He returns.

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