What’s Important Today

First of all, I have to tell you that it’s 10:20 am, and I’m half-way through my first mug of coffee. Only my first. You’ve been forewarned. The reason being that this has been a busy-distracted week unlike many others. My son arrived last night without his driver’s license, so he was going to need a chauffeur to take him to his study group at school this morning.  Back to crazy week. I forgot to do my normal “check the shelves and cupboards” routine to make sure that I had all of life’s essentials on hand. Can you say “expletive of choice”? And so I awoke this morning to a bag of coffee beans with only a half-dozen beans in it. After walking around the kitchen dazed for several moments, I took a second look, regrouped, emptied the bag into my mouth, chewed to a fine consistency, took a hit of tap water, and started pulling breakfast together. Life without coffee is simply not possible.

I made bacon, eggs, and waffles, (you need good brain food for study groups, you know), then shuttled him to study group.

I left the school parking lot, hit the accelerator and soon was in Wal-Mart, mumbling my best caffeine-free “good morning” to the Greeter, who reminded me of my mother. Should I go back and give her a hug? No, she might call security…  Besides, Mom is half of the reason this week was so crazy. I’d still give her a hug though, just not now. “I need coffee, go to the coffee aisle”. I wasn’t thinking clearly, and snatched a small bag of 8 o’clock coffee beans, a 6 pack of work socks, and went home.  My little coffee grinder came out, I buzzed the beans, and had some home-brew going before you could say Juan Valdez.

So it’s 10:50am, I’m starting to feel better, and will find 2 quiet hours today to sit, relax, and smoke a cigar for my Dad. I do that every year, this time. I like to do it by the ocean, although it’s not required. Today, the balcony looks just fine…


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One Response to What’s Important Today

  1. kjplattner says:

    Tea is so much quicker, tastier and refreshing than coffee – just sayin’…….

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