The One Thing You Can Give

Foster Bible Pictures 0060-1 Moses Sees a Fire...

Foster Bible Pictures 0060-1 Moses Sees a Fire Burning in a Bush (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

12/30/ 2011


The most essential gift you have to give is yourself. When you aren’t entirely true about that, you aren’t true. But we’ve all grown accustomed to committing dozens of little white lies about ourselves every day.

Except this man. He is Faithful and he is True.

Having given this some thought, perhaps we are better prepared now to understand why God answered Moses the way he did when he spoke from the burning bush. In the midst of the very unnerving encounter, Moses asks him, “Who are you?” God simply says, “I Am.” In other words, Me. Myself. An answer that is holy and full of integrity, wry and dumbfounding all at the same time. But it is the best possible answer he could have given. God is utterly himself.

(Beautiful Outlaw, 151)

via Daily Reading History | Ransomed Heart Ministries.

Hmm. This is really the bottom line to any story, isn’t it? That the only thing we really can give is ourselves. We have a tendency here to think giving means “money.” That if we ‘give’ faithfully, our tithe, we’ve done our part. What about giving our time, our patience, our mercy? Our love? What about giving ourselves?

I’ve not been very active here lately, just have been covered up in surviving, day to day stuff. I think Jesus had a lot to say about that too.

Whew… This is a bad sign, I’m nearly 53, and I really should get my act together 🙂


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