What We Were Remains

A beautiful, godly man, vivacious, charismatic, a lover of music, showering those around him with love and grace. He sits in a nursing home now, barely responding to his own name.  But when he hears the music of Cab Calloway, the cobwebs part, the mans spirit quickens, rises, and the masterpiece is revealed. The visible life has faded for now. But the underpainting, the design, of Henry’s life is incredibly inspiring. It tells me that the things which define us persist, they are deeply woven into the fabric of our being. They may not be visible now, not in full display.  Time and events may mute the colors that were once so vibrant.  But they remain the foundation of who you are, were intended to be.  Your design runs far deeper than anything this world has thrown at it.

Underneath it all, you are still there. What, and who, you were designed to be is all still there.

The Glory of God is man fully alive.

If we are to become fully alive, fully ourselves as God intended, then we must embark on a journey of Restoration. And once we do, the Shire will never be the same to us. For we will at once appear different, and strangely attractive, to those who are content to live there.

The Music will play, your spirit will be quicken, and the colors will brighten. Then those around you will know that it is possible… To be fully alive.


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Aha! Look what I've created. I... have... made... FIRE!!!
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