The Things We Hold Dear

I have been abruptly reminded of the things that we hold dear. The little pieces of tinsel and wrapping paper that we use to mark events in our lives. The old radio which reminds you of the times at your Grandpa’s side in his workshop, or that old rocking chair of your Mothers that brings back special memories from early childhood.

There is nothing wrong with those things, they are touchstones, icons, that we use to bring up long-lost memories, to retell near forgotten stories. That is usually a good thing, though the process can also be used for our harm.

We can hold onto things that subtly draw us back into an unhealthy place just as well.  I don’t know what they are for you, I only know that I can sense those rhythms for myself, and know the path that can take me to a place I’d rather not go.

So here’s to all good memories, which dwell in eternity. And the things that make them come alive for you once more.

May they continue to bless and adorn your spirit…

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Aha! Look what I've created. I... have... made... FIRE!!!
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