Wow, just looked in my spam folder, and was shocked to see so many gelatinized chopped-pork pieces  stuffed in there. Really? Why would anyone even think that making nonsensical comments on a blog accomplishes anything… what is the very purpose of it? I guess spam is the common cold, or perhaps graffiti, of the internet. No one has posted anything about anyone else’s sister in blue spray paint there… that I’ve seen anyway.

But the real Spam? I saw it in the Dollar General the other day and began day-dreaming. Ah! As a kid, I drooled when my Grandfather peeled back a can on a fishing trip, took out his pocket knife and whacked off a slab for me. Never mind that the knife was probably used for a number of necessary, but unsanitary, operations. Like scraping dried worm off of a hook, cutting fishing line, or digging out a splinter. Or that the fingers holding and eating the Spam probably had wormy-goodness all over them too. Somehow, pocket knives defied hyper-protestant rules of sanitation. And so did little boys. Oh yes, they did… No wonder my Mom and Grandmother always gave us a  sideways  “up-down”  glance when we came in. “Them boys…”

Go to, 75 years of Spam, and you will see some amazing, mouth-watering recipes.

What about Cantonese Sweet and Sour, or Spam Carbonara? Buffalo Spamburgers? Spam Benedict! I kid you not! I really would try the Spam Fusion Fajitas, they look killer.

But life has become increasingly complex over the years, you know. Bigger, stronger, faster. Increased productivity, faster athletes, and 500 friends on Facebook.  And 5000 kooky emails a year, each with a unique spelling for an amazing herbal remedy that works better than Viagra. For our TCM devotees, I think Gecko, Deer Antler, and Sea Horse are all viable substitutes. Rhino Horn,  Elephant Tusk, Tiger Paw, etc., are not. IMHO.

I never really thought about it, but perhaps effective ED drugs can help save the planet, you know sparing endangered Rhinos and all.  Air drop a couple trillion doses to mainland China, and African poachers would have to start growing sweet potatoes overnight in order to feed their families. But then so would many-many Chinese farmers. Hmm. Maybe that would further endanger the planet… Dunno, but I hear the Lion King, “the circle of life, and it moves us all…”

And now 14 varieties of Spam.  Really.

Crazy tasty…

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