Political Foie Gras

You read that right. I did not intend to say Faux pas. Hmm.

I remember my Grandmother describing to me how Thanksgiving preparations were made when I was very young. My Great Granny, a large, strong German woman, would begin by selecting a nice young Goose months before.

And every day, they’d sit on a tree stump in the back yard, and she’d force feed popcorn to the poor bird. By Thanksgiving, Goosey was so fat that she could barely walk.

Perfect. The morning before the holiday they would make their last trip together to that stump.

Last night, I watched the final act of the RNC. It has been a well orchestrated, well focused platform to introduce the plan and “The Candidate”. And while I am a man of faith (it varies between little, much, strong, or wobbly), I’ve always felt that political candidates have a duty to be faithful to their creed, while not giving offense by being overtly “testimonial”.

So listening to the crescendo leading up to the Grand Mormon “Reveal” was like sitting in front of the television with my Great Grandmother and her popcorn. I felt that our political process, and belief in religious freedom, were abused last night. Yes, we need to know the character of a man. But should the convention be used as a vehicle to promote legitimacy for ones personal creed?  Do we really need to know about “Pastor Mitt”?

I believe that we have a responsibility to take the presence of God with us into the polling booth, and to pray for our elected leaders. But last night, the convention seemed to take a detour, was even possibly hijacked. From now on, when I hear the phrase “stump speech”, I’ll begin to open wide, expecting someone to ram a buttery agenda down my throat.


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