There is a subtle backlash taking place against what we’ve come to know as the American lifestyle, a “correction” as Wall Street would say.

Everywhere I look, I see articles on all things Tiny and Simple (Diets, Houses, Banks, Living, Churches, etc.) There is an entire Simple Living movement that embraces downsizing, simplification, and a return to a more normal way of life. To do that you must look at the whole of human history and then throw the larger potion of the last 50 years out as a statistical “flyer”. Or just look back to a time when people were content with much less, and begin the hunt for normalcy there. What is normal life, and would I recognize it?

But this has a real attraction to me, as I find myself constantly looking at  the many moving parts of life today, wondering what I can do without. Much of it surrounds time, or lack of it, to meet demands. That statement is largely centered around work, which definitely needs simplifying, but this is pertinent to the rest of my life. Which I’ve begun to simplify.

One big thing I’ve noticed however is that the key to my simplification is the way I think. The way I’ve come to think about needing this or that, or what things are actually necessary to lead a free and unencumbered existence.

If my thinking processes are too cluttered, if there isn’t enough free space in my mind, then perhaps the battle for external simplicity will be a battle against myself. I wonder who will win?

Bottom line, I still need to simplify. I don’t know that I can live in a shoe like Mother Hubbard, but I have a small apartment, and have the tiny bank-thing down pat. Now I just need to find some children’s silverware, and voilà, the tiny diet!

If only things were this simple… 🙂


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