Spy versus Spy

Abraham Lincoln, a rising political voice, painted a clear picture of the future of these United States as he accepted the nomination for Senator by the Republican party. He portrayed what lay before the nation, the danger of disunity as the discussion over states rights reached a fever-pitch.  Lincoln saw a great crisis looming on the horizon, one that would end a United States that was half slave and half free. He saw no further than that, though by this time he generally sided with abolitionists on moral grounds.  Lincolns’ vision prevailed, he ended up in the White House, there was a Great Crisis, the insurrection eventually crushed, slavery abolished and unity restored. Federalism was reestablished in a new, far-reaching way.

In case you missed it, Barak Obama was also a young Senator from Illinois with great oratory skill who shocked the field, taking the White House by surprise. And he has a vision.

I find it interesting that this has shaped up to look an awful lot like the old Spy versus Spy cartoon, where good and evil look nearly alike, where actions nearly mirror one another. Ultimately, they are only separated by the color of their ideologies.

For the record, I’ve yet to watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. And unless someone twists my arm, I probably won’t. 🙂

But I would drop a $20 bill to see “Abraham Lincoln & Barak Obama: Spy vs. Spy”.

Like his predecessor, Obama has driven his agenda, one which he believes is also about freedom and morality. But his is an agenda of compromise, pandering, denial, and will destroy the Union. “Defense of Marriage” is out,  “Respect for Marriage” is in.  Hard work, personal discipline and fiscal reform are out. Marxism Redistribution is “in”.  Israel and Netanyahu are out, Beyonce and Jay-z are in. To his way of thinking, Occupy Wall Street closely resembles the Tea Party, and the Arab Spring is simply the Islamic equivalent of The American Revolution, or the Civil Rights Movement. Clinton may not have inhaled, but Obama did the whole joint himself.

Abe has retired, so we can’t vote “Spy vs. Spy”.

I may watch him kill Vampires, though.


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One Response to Spy versus Spy

  1. kjp says:

    Let me twist your arm, it was a great fun that did a good job with Lincoln and weaving three stories together – but catch it at a $1 theater – it is worth that!

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