Flash Forward








I think we all have a tendency to look at things in the past, and wonder. What if- this. Or that?

Or maybe we look back on a time when things were simpler, more pure, less complicated and yearn for those days. Maybe they were, simply because back then we were.

But what about the future? It has not yet happened!

In the last week, I’ve discovered that I’m still a work in progress. No matter how great I, or others, may think I am doing (or not doing) there still is a path to walk. The journey is not over, I’m not “done”, complete, or perfected. Ahem, this is not news to me.

But sometimes we need to see ourselves in a mirror held up by someone else, we might try to turn and pose and show ourselves our best side if we get to choose. We need to see ourselves from a completely separate perspective, altogether different. That is uncomfortable.

I was blessed with that in the last week, I was able to see myself in a different way. Where  I may still be wrapped a little too tightly, a bit too rigid in my thinking. Where the wounds of my past still dash out of the shadows, like a half-starved dog dashing out into the light to snap at the banquet before me. It just serves to show that I still need to grow, and that others can see things that I don’t. That I need to listen, and hear, more than I speak.

The bright side to all of this dismal talk is that there is more growth, more change, more life.




I can’t REALLY see the future, which is great! But I can imagine, see, a time and place where our wounds are healed, our doubts and fears, our tears, all wiped away.

Where we will stand, and give thanks for this gift of Life.


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