Post-Racial Racism

FrontPage magazine featured an article, Hollywood’s Post-Racial Racism, by Mark Tapson back in February that really sums things up here nicely.

In a 60 Minutes interview with Mike Wallace several years ago, black actor Morgan Freeman displayed unusual wisdom for Hollywood when he said that the way to end racism in America is to “stop talking about it.” Not long thereafter, (half-) black candidate Barack Obama’s ascension to the White House confirmed that race is no barrier to success in America (apparently neither is incompetence). But instead of ushering in a post-racial era as many hoped, Obama’s presidency has ramped up racial tensions and driven his black Hollywood supporters to talk about racism more than ever before –among them, sadly, Morgan Freeman.

Obama’s administration has been anything but post-racial. From Attorney General Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute Black Panther thugs, to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s charge that Tea Partiers are the new KKK, to the President’s own insult of the police officers who properly arrested his academic buddy Henry Louis Gates, Jr., it’s been payback time for those blacks who wear their racialism on their sleeve and yet hypocritically dismiss their critics as racist.

America is at a place where we can let racism die. We are. Morgan had it right the first time and should have stopped then. We can, and should, stop ramping up the negative dialogue. When we can work, and live, and interact on every level with one another, when we see the wrongs of the past righted, when we see the rate of change turn up drastically in one generation, we are at the major inflection point on the curve. We are at the place where racism has been dealt a death-blow, and where minds and hearts have been changed.

The only danger for some now is that it might really die. What if it does? Haven’t different people groups always struggled with their differences, perceived and real? That won’t end, till mankind ceases to exist.

But the political capital of Racism, of beating the drum over Racism, is a valuable commodity to keep in your pocket if you are wanting to wrest power, and climb on top of someone else. That’s not equality, btw.

But the American landscape has changed underfoot, and in a way that none of us foresaw, but had maybe hoped for.

So now we need  to step into the future. And not vote for a President simply because of the color of his skin. But for his leadership ability, character and vision.

If we all saw that as clearly as skin color, our choices would become easier.


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