Living Life

Internet Nomad Raam Dev posted the following statement early last month in a post entitled “Life Isn’t Safe”.

“We all die. We all get hurt, make mistakes, and experience pain that seems impossible to overcome. Life isn’t safe, but a life spent trying to avoid all risk and discomfort is the best way to avoid living at all…  So believe in something impossible. Dream. Search for meaning in your actions. Apologize and forgive. Find harmony in moving forward. Risk. Take action. Do something worthy of your own admiration. But most of all, love, and embrace who you are.

Life is short, and it’s fragile, but it’s worth it.”

Living life is all about risk, pain, growth and change. But we are not trapped on some karmic hamster wheel, doomed to repeat our failures, unable to crack the code of Life.

We can change, learn and grow. Heaven has opened, reached down, and now everything is possible.

Life Isn’t Safe

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