Hitting What You Aim For

Years ago, when I was younger and had energy to spare, I took up bow hunting. But before I began to play Cowboys and Indians, I had to learn how to shoot my bow. I struggled for a while, and it became obvious to me that the deer in these parts were safe when ever I entered the forest.

One night, shooting at the local bow range, an older man approached me and handed me an orange twist tie and a paper clip. “Push the clip into the burlap up there, and shoot at the tie”, he said. “Aim small, hit small”. I smiled, knowing that I couldn’t even hit a pie plate at that distance, but he motioned me toward the target. I remember first looking at the tiny, tiny twist tie. And my first several shots looked like all the others before had. But I took a few more shots.

The next hit closer to the center than I had up until then. Then another did. As I left that night I had begun to understand the secret of focus.  Of aiming for a specific target, because without that you will not hit anything of value. You will not hit the mark, the high calling.

I’ll have to confess that I’ve forgotten this secret, buried in the daily grind, trying to see my way over the last several years. The “pray and spray” plan doesn’t work, you are simply scattering seed to the wind.

Prayerfully consider your gifts, your calling, your place in time, and aim. Focus and pray on the thing you believe in, that speaks to you, and take aim.

“Aim small, hit small”.


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