Small Wars Journal

Small Wars Journal featured an article, “Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland: A Vision of the Future”. This is a hypothetical situation, with the US mainland as the theater of a civil conflict. In this scenario, the US has become more polarized (even possible?) as realities harden and set in. A president is elected in times of economic crisis, the masses are restless, and a grass-roots group called “The Tea Party” begins  to emerge as a force in state government.  The focus of the article was how and where to hit the insurgents with a show of force so as to slow their momentum, disrupt their communications, and break their resolve. It’s basically a position paper on how to win a war against your own populace, and is almost laughable. Almost. Because the Tea Party folks I know are just “slightly” more centrist and progressive than the John Birch Society. Just slightly.

Imagine a government that would do that. You only have to look back at Mother England, and the foment that produced our own constitution.


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