The 50% Mandate

So where do we go from here? With only 50% of the population effectively endorsing the leader of the Free World, really, where do we go?

No matter what Obama thinks, 50% is not a mandate. That is sneaking in under the garage door before it closes on you.

This country has become a bitterly divided place, we have essentially become two countries within one border. We have two opposing identities that we are trying to fix up. In a perfect world, we would sit and talk, reason, pray together, smoke the peace pipe, and walk away better for it. In Colorado, that could contain a little pot.  Any way, as for bringing two opposing ideologies together under one roof, nope. Take my word for it. That doesn’t work…

The signature items that each side hold dear are watershed issues. Not very comfortable, or even possible, to straddle the fence on.

Now the future is unclear, and the words of my old boss ring loudly in my ears.

“No deal lasts forever”.  No country, republic, nation, or people, last forever.

Things change, times change, the world changes.

And so we need to be people ready for change.

Time for a new revolution perhaps.

Close the borders, enact voter ID, rigorously root out illegals of every persuasion, stop killing babies, dump the electoral college, and unlock candidates personal records (transcripts, etc.) so they are available to the public.  For starters…

Fool me once, fool me twice.

One term proved to the world that we were past racism.

Two terms proves we are lazy, ignorant, and deserve our fate.

But this is far from a mandate. It is a recipe for social upheaval, the foundations of our country loose, in search of a stable place to call home.


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2 Responses to The 50% Mandate

  1. Lee says:

    “In a democracy, you get the government you deserve.” ~Justice Anthony Scalia

  2. It is a civil war, but as of yet, no shots have been fired.

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