Election & Secession, 2012

Wow, what a roller coaster ride over the last several weeks!

Frankly, what we’re seeing all over the news on citizens filing informal petitions on “We The People”, the White House Website, wanting to secede from the Union should come as no surprise.

The subtle ills that have plagued our society over the last 30 years have built upon themselves, lending their voices to the harsh crescendo of life today. Social Media now gives us a way to see and hear what Americans, even the world, are thinking, doing, and saying at any given moment. At once, there are those concerned about the future of this country, and those begging the President to save Hostess Twinkies. Witness the divide…

But how will this President respond to a reawakened constitutionalism? How will he respond to this fundamental American instinct to secede from an immoral union? The phrase back then was taxation without representation. I don’t think that our current situation is very different from our simple beginnings at all. But again, how will he respond? Will he give this new awareness the same credibility he gave the Arab Spring? Or Occupy Wall Street? He should at least do the same. Or will he do a “Bieber”, high-five his prime time VP with over-white teeth, and side step it with a “thank you to all the haters”?

I recently watched Dinesh D’Souza’s “2016: Obama’s Vision of America”.  It’s a dynamic, blockbuster depiction of the source of Obama’s ideology, and his hard-wired desire to dumb down, even eradicate, the America we have all grown up with. And loved for so very long.  It is a must see. If you are a Obamaphile, you will not like it, but you will learn an awful lot from it. It is very eye-opening.

Back to the news. Many may dismiss the petitions, which in themselves do nothing to tear the Union asunder. But they speak of a highly disgruntled populace, many of whom feel that they no longer have a voice in this country.  Some may say that the Republican Party is dead, just another elephant killed for its ivory by those charged with guarding it. Or that the Tea Party is the real root of the problem, inciting division and unrest within the party, and weakening it.  Or that years of unguarded borders have allowed a new generation to rise up among us, one that does not recognize or respect our way of life or values, and which is intent upon voting us into the Third World. The only obvious thing is that we as a nation have changed, we have grown apart over irreconcilable differences. The article on Small Wars Journal website, which I wrote about back on October 18th, is closer to the truth than we’d all like to believe.

But this all just goes to illustrate the depth, and breadth, of the divide in this nation.

Capitalists do not want to support Communists.

Wall Street wants to work, and doesn’t need Occupiers.

Pizza-makers and Medical Device producers do not want Obama-care, and will cut jobs to accommodate it.

Those who are trying to raise good families have to guard them as they walk through the living room, afraid that they may see two men kissing on prime time television. Or that they may hear pride in the voice of someone as they extol their freedom to murder 50 million babies (potential voters!), shouted about as a freedom during the election for the highest office in the land.

Work hard. Do right. Promote thrift. Protect the unborn. And in doing that, we can show how the American dream can belong to yet another generation.



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