My son and I watched the film “Prometheus” a few weeks ago, and enjoyed it a lot. I felt that there were some things that needed to be developed more to lend continuity and credence to the story line.

For instance, why was one “Engineer” left to sacrifice himself as the DNA source for humankind? And what of the discovery that these Star-beings became intent on destroying us after they had created us? Or the portrayal of a lone Progenitor of our kind, an Adam figure. All a thinly veiled reinterpretation of the Creation as told in Genesis? It seems so. All good stories must be retold again, and again.

The theme was “Anthropologist through Space”, humans decoding a secret message from the stars and trekking across the galaxies to find the creator of the message. To find “The Creator”.

Things ultimately go wrong once we find the Creator, and discover that he is us. Yes, another story in which we’ve created God in our own image. Always a big let down.

But the subtle message of hope is there. That just when we think we’ve discovered God, and found Him lacking, we also discover that we’ve not seen Him as He truly is. We’ve mistakenly settled for a lesser god, and so the search continues.


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