God Help Us, by Ben Stein

Ben Stein, in his December 17th piece “God Help Us”, says what I hope and pray most of us will come to believe and recognize. That the shooting at Sandy Hook is a horrendous, unthinkable tragedy. Our world will never be the same.

And that it opens our eyes and should give us perspective on the horror of the world around us. It tells us that Evil is a real, palpable presence in this world. The Bible says that evil temporarily reigns in this lower realm, that this life is a battle field where the forces of good and evil now engage in combat. But that Good will prevail, and set up its reign here on Earth.

And that we should remember all of the Innocents who have perished “legally” in this country by our own hands, and look across the seas to places where our ancestors exterminated millions upon millions of those less “racially pure”, “less human”. Or those in political opposition.

Our outrage should not stop at Sandy Hook.

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