Boiling Frogs

I Want Your Data

I Want Your Data (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve all heard the old saw,”How do you boil a frog? … one degree at a time”. It intends to convey the gradual, insidious manner in which you can lose anything. Your rights, your life, your direction, etc.  Supposedly, a frog sitting in a pot of water won’t recognize a subtle, yet continuous, change in water temperature until it’s too late. I don’t know if that’s entirely true, if it really works, but it serves to illustrate the point.

We are now all aware (I hope) of the need for personal firewalls, anti-virus software, anonymous browsing proxies, etc.,  on our PC’s. Sadly, there are 30 year old teenagers pumped up on 5 hour energy who have devoted themselves to cyber mayhem. They want nothing more than your personal identity so that they can sell it to some third world broker. Then they can buy more Twinkies, and 5 hour energy. Well, now that Twinkies are scarce, maybe Moon-pies.

But that’s not all. We all know that our communications, and any activity, on the internet are not really private. Right?

Apparently now more so than ever.

In the latest on US Government spying over the internet, President Obama signed into effect Presidential Order 20. We need to protect ourselves, our citizens, our economy, from crippling cyber attacks such as what has recently taken place in South Carolina. But how do we protect our personal privacy from those who would protect us?

Not sure, but it all appears to stem from the attack on Google by the Chinese Government back in December 2010. The NSA and Google began to work together in order to prevent further occurrences. Just so you feel safer, the NSA promised not to read your webmail, or look at other activities that can be linked to your account. But the exact details of this relationship are unknown, and EPIC, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, has filed a brief requesting details of the recent order.

Years ago, this type of thing was Orwellian, the stuff of science fiction, only interesting because it might happen “some day”, but not entirely possible “now”.  And the people who were concerned about it were a bit off center.

Or so we thought.


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