All For One, Freedom For Few

Remember Old Saint Nick, slapping the taste of heresy right out of Arius’ mouth?  The Old Bishop was something else, eh? And for all his trouble, he received a nice new sleigh, a red suit, and reindeer to boot. Sure, he spent a few nights in the slammer for it, but look at how many kids wait up bleary-eyed for him now! Definitely worth it. A role model, for sure.

Now once again, the Bishops are standing up to heretical bullying, asserting that “healthcare for all does not mean freedom for few”. Brilliant, succinct, accurate.

Wait for it… If push comes to shove, the guys in the pointy hats will “speak truth to power”, always ready to slap a slander’s nose off in the process. Definitely not a photo, or resume’, for the Presidential Library.

Stalemate by the “Pointy Hats & Beards” crowd would tarnish the “Used-Car-Salesman in Chief’s” image, deflating his currency in the eyes of his handlers, and the other Illuminati-puppets at the UN.

Pass the Cheetos and beer. I think we have a front row seat.

One word about last night. Pitiful.


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