Giving Up on The Constitution


To many of us, this CBS-run segment seems preposterous, like a bad joke or something. But this is where we are heading when Presidents ignore the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, when amendments protecting basic human rights are undermined by Executive Order.

The conversation is held in the name of enlightenment, sophistication, common sense, and empathy.  Our misplaced shame, pride and wish for sophistication take us captive…

But as the Constitution goes, so goes the Nation. So goes the World.

Without this, we are not the United States of America. And this one Light on a Hill, set so brightly for the world to see, will go out.

I don’t think that anyone should give up on what remains of this grand document. Which has been our guiding principle for so long.

The argument to set it aside, preserved under glass only as a historical document, is that it was written by men 0ver 200 years ago in simpler times. Men who couldn’t appreciate smartphones, and wouldn’t understand trying your political opponent in brilliant forum like Twitter. Really.

Men who were not blind to the truth of what lay ahead of them.

What lays ahead of us.


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