The Haunting That Was America

“In the time of our innocence, we trusted in good because we had not yet known evil. On this side of Eden and our own experience of the Fall…it appears that we are left to find our way to trust in good, having stared evil in the face.”

The author goes on to describe the distinct, lasting memories of our early innocence as a Haunting. An aching dream that speaks to us in the night of who we were intended to be. A time before the worlds assault taught us that something was not right with who we were, and we picked out a “better” identity. Sold ourselves for a bowl of pottage.

For many of us, we really did stop trusting in Good once Evil arrived on the scene. Whatever happened, it loomed large on the horizon, and took us captive. It became the only thing that we could see.

I hear people say things like “how could a good God allow that to happen”… what they are really saying is that once Evil filled their sight, that was all that they could see.

The darkness came, and we could no longer see Light.

Over the last week we’ve seen the darkness…

The media, and the current political machine will use the rhetoric of fear and security as one more brick in the wall being built to obscure our vision of freedom and the dream that lays beyond.

The Haunting that was America.

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