Are You Wild Bill?

Someone recently sent me a Youtube clip of “The People of Walmart”. Downright scary that anyone would go out in public looking like that!

And I wonder now if some are doing it just for their 5 minutes of shame on the Web.

But I’ve been thinking alot lately  about how we can very subtly take on the role that others push us into.

A case in point just happened to take place at the local Walmart several nights ago.

I was walking in to grab a gallon of milk and a rotisserie chicken, and saw an unusual looking character out of the corner of my eye.

The guy had a big handle bar mustache, long flowing hair, ten gallon hat, knee high leather boots, and a very flamboyant shirt with big, puffy sleeves.  And some Western looking adornments.

But his features looked exactly like pictures of Wild Bill. And here he was, dressed just like him, in Walmart!

That’s a blatant example of someone role playing, taking on characteristics of someone that they’ve been told they resemble.

Maybe they want to look like someone famous, or have made some spiritual agreement about who they are, or should be.

But I think this happens to all of us, to one degree or another. Our mother tells us that we’ll never amount to anything, that we’ll grow up just to be a garbage man. And we struggle for the rest of our life, not feeling qualified to fulfill the role we find ourself in. Deep down, we may wonder if we’re not better off picking up your trash instead.

Maybe they said you weren’t pretty enough, or smart enough,  and someone taught you a lesson to make sure that you didn’t think too highly of yourself.  Yes, they said you deserved it.

I’m doing an inventory myself, of roles that I was given, expected to play. And proclamations that were made over me. Whether they were right, good, or true.

And even though I’m all grown up, I find that the assignments are still being handed out.

So I’m having to ask God…who am I?  Who have you made me to be?

One thing is for certain. I don’t look like Wild Bill, of Walmart.

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