No Confidence

With the exception of brief periods surrounding each election, our President has struggled to maintain an approval rating much above 45%.

To struggle with such a low hurdle is telling. It’s basically a no-confidence vote. Perhaps the Junior Senator from Illinois is merely a junior senator afterall.

When Vladimir Putin does an effective end around and speaks to your citizens on aggression, violence, copping equality of all before the Lord out of your own Declaration, you are a junior something. Genuine or not, he stole a play out of our own playbook. And appeared more credible in paying lip service to our founding principles than our own administration does. If they ever have. Really. My my, how the world has changed…

But regarding 45%, the solution is simple, really.  Don’t lie, don’t spy, don’t wag your finger in our face, don’t wave false flags. And don’t play political Robin Hood. Get your hand out of our wallets.

But then, we ARE living in the Matrix. Nothing out there is as it seems.  In the Matrix, what looked and sounded most true was a grand lie. Used by the system to literally drain the life out of it’s citizen-energizers. If we would know the Truth, we must walk by Faith and not by sight.

Red pill or blue. It’s your choice.


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