We Are Rome

Back in 2011, Larry Elliott, of the Guardian wrote the following…”Let me put an alternative hypothesis. America in 2011 is Rome in 200AD or Britain on the eve of the first world war: an empire at the zenith of its power but with cracks beginning to show.
The experience of both Rome and Britain suggests that it is hard to stop the rot once it has set in, so here are the a few of the warning signs of trouble ahead: military overstretch, a widening gulf between rich and poor, a hollowed-out economy, citizens using debt to live beyond their means, and once-effective policies no longer working. The high levels of violent crime, epidemic of obesity, addiction to pornography and excessive use of energy may be telling us something: the US is in an advanced state of cultural decadence.”

NAFTA, globalism, ever increasing voter apathy and addiction to to Big Government has all taken us from what he saw in 2011 to where we are today.

The Middle Class is crumbling before our eyes, accelerated by a population with a government plantation mentality and an Xbox sense of initiative.

Rome sold her citizenship, devalued her currency, distracted her people from the decline all around them with Bread and Games, swelling the ranks of her military with foreign soldiers whose sole allegiance was to gold and silver. Eventually Rome faultered, those “legal” foreigners who had toiled in her service began to plunder.

The parallels may all look superficial. But we are Rome, and there are Visigoths among us.


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