How Far We’ve Fallen

Do you ever think back on your beginnings, your childhood, when your motivations were nearly pure, and your moral compass true?

I have been thinking about this lately. For me this memory is a “haunting”, harkening back to a simpler time. And I find that the temptation to stare into the darkness, and be overwhelmed, is real. I see how people lose heart, how I can lose heart.

“The darkness came, and it was all that we could see”.

The Darkness is not the end, it is not more powerful the the Light. We hear the lie in our ear, “God doesn’t care, He no longer exists. God is dead”.

We fail at something, and then see ourselves. We can either deny the reality, or else embrace it with a death grip. Neither one is the right approach. We don’t see the incident as simply a mark of our humanity, a stain to be cleansed, a life lesson. We grab it and wave it all around, and it BECOMES our identity.

Jesus always seemed able to split the horns of the dilemma. They asked him who was right, Pharisee or Sadducee? His answer was “neither”, the Kingdom is not about being “right” or”left”, it’s about loving God and man.

So how would Jesus have us, simultaneously, embrace and release the image of the Fall within us?

How does Jesus lead us into death, so that we may live?

How does He make us clean?

The bottom line is that, in a literal way, when we reach out in faith, He does these things for us, in us, through us.

I don’t know about you, but I need everything that He is.

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