Lesson of Confession–“I’m Drowning. Help.”

Ah… I have been here, in an out, for the last several years. Why, as a people, are we so afraid to admit our frailty, our humanity? It is, after all, the very thing which makes this life so exciting, rare, and beautiful. Thank you, Kristen.

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This past six weeks have been a real beating, including the death of my grandmother. She’d no sooner passed away when I had to step in and care for my sister-in-law who was having major surgery to reattach both retinas. I was in go-go-go mode and I thought, if I could just get some rest, I would be okay.

Well, after taking a week at the ranch, I’m not okay. I didn’t want to move or write or sleep or eat. I felt surrounded by a deep malaise, like blows in the dark yet no idea where the pain was coming from. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, but then an old lesson resurfaced.

Confess the Real Emotion—Name It and Claim It

One of the first things that helped me tremendously was when I learned to confess the real emotion I was feeling.

This was over ten years…

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