The Granularity

Singularity Brain 2The Singularity is commonly understood as the point in human history where artificial intelligence, and the entirety of our collective consciousness, grow beyond our biological existence. Exist apart from living mankind itself. That implies that all of those things continue out in cyberspace, in the great “Cloud” of Knowing somewhere.


Likewise, “The Granularity” has been defined as the moment when all of our personal information is captured and maintained in the “Cloud”, there to forever identify our personal traits, habits, and peculiarities.

The two are, by necessity, inextricably intertwined.

The Granularity also indicates a change in how governments view commerce, security, threats, and warfare. It represents the minimization of the Nation State, and the emergence of the individual as the primary political and economic entity to be steered, feared, controlled and engaged.  In this post 911 world, governments see individuals, among them free citizens, as emerging threats to their power base.

I hadn’t thought about this, but increasing granularity may be what eventually drives the world into technological anarchy, setting the stage for the Antichrist.

Bill Richardson doesn’t think Snowden is a hero, but rather a traitor. In an instance of supreme irony, Snowden is the one citizen that best makes the NSA’s case for “granularity”.  In essence, spying on US citizens. But only because he turned on his handlers and outed THEM first.  Yes, I think the irony of the whole thing quite astounding, even humorous.

Snowden was Toto, and pulled back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…” Right.

The head of the NSA says that our enemies were once Nation States, but since 911 that has all changed. “Our enemies” may now be individuals, and the information needed to catch them must be more “granular”. That subtly means they need to know more about everyone’s private life, because you never know who might actually be the enemy. That sounds like guilty until proven innocent, which if you recall is not the presumption that English law was founded upon.

This means that many in our government, be they legislators, or super-snoops, want to know all about your private phone calls, emails, and web-browsing. Because some of you may hold contrary thoughts and opinions.

No kidding.

News flash. North Korea is still an unstable force in the world. China is working overtime to destabilize our currency and economy, and possibly foment World War 3. Islam still believes that we are the Great Satan, and Iran IS working on nuclear capabilities and is busy exporting terrorism around the globe.

And our Government doesn’t need our phone calls or emails to get busy THERE.

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