The Next False Flag

Back in April, Timothy Fountain of “Stand Firm” wrote an article called “Beware The Next Reichstag Fire”. In that piece, he reminded us of the fire in the German Parliament not so very long ago. In this case the Nazi Party blamed political opponents, giving Herr Hitler a reason to seize power. In today’s parlance, the fire would be called a “False Flag Event”.

Mr. Fountain very clearly points to the current administrations political lust for a right-wing “fire”, where a conservative group is made the focus in a false flag event that will allow POTUS to declare Martial Law and thereby seize power.

Shootings, bombings (i.e. Boston Marathon), are all fair game. There are those who will “never let a crisis go to waste”, and by that I mean magnification, augmentation, and even prefabrication.

We’ve barely made the first year of Herr Obama’s second term, and we’ve already seen more incompetence, dishonesty, freedom-grabbing, gross political posturing, and illegal acts than we would have ever dared to believe.

Don’t be surprised when the Tea Party, or some similar “right-wing extremist group” takes the fall for something big, and the feeding frenzy begins.

In Rome, Christians were accused of eating children, and other various crimes against the state.

For the time being, at least, the Democratic Party agenda has that one covered.


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