The Children God Has Given Us

I wrote this awhile back, but have brought it back to the forefront. The issue is not quite as simple as it looks, with automation of jobs, export of jobs, and our firmly held belief that everyone needs or should have a college education.

Nonetheless, since Roe vs Wade, we’ve taken roughly 55 million little lives in the US.  That’s a huge pile of wasted potential, of lives snuffed out, citizens lost to selfishness. They were our children.

And coincidentally (not), the roughly 55 million legal (and illegal) immigrants that have come into this country over the same time period have just about kept us at the replacement recruitment rate.  That’s biology-speak for “we’re gaining just enough new members in society to keep the population stable.”  By the way, of all of the citizens birthed in this nation in an average year, 300-400 thousand are born to illegal aliens.

My people came here as immigrants not so long ago, I remember the pride in their eyes as they spoke of becoming Americans. I’m actually not knocking illegal aliens, except for the fact that they are illegal.   But, were it not for the stupefying rate of infanticide in this country, they would not have a reason, or room, to come.

I learned a valuable lesson when I took Statistical Process Control training, thanks to Dr. Deming. That lesson is to keep asking “why”.  Because by the fourth iteration, you are finally getting down to the “root cause” of a process failure, or other anomaly that you are trying to understand.

So, I had to ask myself why so many are literally killing themselves to enter this country. The answer is jobs.

Why do we have these jobs to offer? Because they are manual labor, skilled or not, they are not white collar jobs.

But why do we not have enough people to fill these lowers scale, manual job needs? Our population is aging, and we really don’t have enough young workers who are able bodied, and hungry enough, to do them.

Why do we not have enough young people? We have not allowed God to bless us, we have removed His blessing from our land, eliminated them, basically. That’s right.  The reason we have so many illegal immigrants is because nature abhors a vacuum. And so many of our children are missing today.

If you do the math, looking at births, deaths, legal immigration, abortion, and the estimated numbers of illegal immigrants, it becomes very clear.

It’s a reverse “Field of Dreams” type scenario.  Fairly simple, really.

Had we not aborted our babies, they (illegal immigrants) basically would not have had room to come.

“Lo, children are a heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”

Not in this country, or in any Western country. Hence our demise.

No, illegal immigration is not right, it’s a crime.

And two wrongs do not make a right.

But if we complain too loudly about these unwanted guests, we must also be willing to look long enough into the mirror, and see the judgment God has visited upon us for what we have allowed. For what we have done.

In a very real sense, illegal immigrants are children of our own making, who have finally found their way back home.


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2 Responses to The Children God Has Given Us

  1. KJP says:

    Finally! I found you again! I tell you, losing your computer can be a very painful recovery!Glad to see you are still here and I have you bookmarked again!

  2. chuck says:

    Ah, Kris! I wondered what had happened to you, hoping all was well. Good to "see you", my friend! I bookmarked you as well.

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