Answer To Prayer

I believe that God answers prayer, I know that He does.

Yet sometimes, the answers take a while, they need time to be shaped, to become apparent to us. They are time specific, kairos moments, not sprinkled about carelessly, but often very specific points of light in the darkness.

Perhaps God answered our prayers immediately, and it just took us traveling through rough terrain in order to be prepared to hear the answer, to see it. The response to Daniels prayer took 21 days because Gabriel the Angel met with spiritual warfare along the way in Persia. So we probably forget and underestimate the nature of the ongoing conflict in our own realm until Christ returns.

Maybe we knew the answer right from the start, and wasted precious time asking and waiting anyway, hoping He would change His mind.

Or we continued to do the same thing after He showed us otherwise. Different actions yield different results, especially if they are directed by God.

Maybe, for some of our prayers, there is no answer here in time. For whatever reason, some prayers may only be answered in eternity.

I’m not sharing anything that I’ve learned, just thoughts and questions that I have. Some observations that help me explain the number of yet unanswered prayers.

Lately, I’ve felt like the proverbial mushroom. You know, in the dark and dining on manure. I’ve prayed, but sometimes you don’t really even know what to pray FOR, do you?

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