My Blind Spot


When I was a teen, taking the ever so exciting Drivers Ed class, I learned about blind spots with respect to driving.

Our car crew was comprised of all guys, completely under the testosterone-induced psychotropic shock common to our gender.

Needless to say, our car had it’s share of excitement.

I’ve had a few close calls over the years, the most memorable being one with a log truck, the other with a motor grader, both situations rated very high on the greased nail-pucker factor chart.

Both close calls were due to my “blind spot”.

How could a log truck hide in such a small area between the passenger and extra cab window? I don’t really know, but I promise you it did.

So, where am I going with this? To an uncomfortable place.

I have been people watching for some time now. And in the last year I’ve seen several thoroughly sincere individuals who have pursued a niche-belief that was so obviously off the golden path that it was evident to all those around except for the victim.

I’ve come back to this several times, and each time I end up amazed at their inate blindness. And then the obvious question comes to mind. If someone that good, and sincere, has been so deceived regarding the truth, cannot see the pitfalls before them, what chance do I have of seeing the “big trucks” in the blind spots of my own belief system? I’ve grown and changed over the years, and hopefully will continue to do so for a very long time.

But I’m convinced that invariably there are holes, or blind spots, in everyones world map. Whether they are due to education/lack thereof, ethnic background, subculture, or upbringing, I’m convinced they are there.

But how do we see and recognize something that is lurking in our blind spot, the one place that we cannot see into?

I think that is one reason that we must walk by faith and not sight. Faith can lead us to places that sight could never find.

And scripture is a plumbline which will guide us home if we allow it.

Then there are our friends, and those God has given us along the way. They can often see things that we simply can’t.

So, after a time, I’ve entered a life-stage that might be better known as epistemological bobsled racing.

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