The Olympic Spirit of Babel


I’ve always enjoyed the winter and summer Olympics, the height of athletic competition and excellence.

But deep down inside, I always had a check in my gut when it came to the over-dramatized display and proclamation of world unity, along with all of the retelling of fables of old.

Tonight, watching the closing ceremony of the winter Olympics it hit me.

What we are actually watching, every two years, is the continuous attempt to ascend the heavens apart from God. If you recall the first attempt, called the tower of Babel, failed miserably. And as the story goes, it was the seminal event that caused the loss of our collective language and home. We tried to take heaven by force, and lost everything in the process. We lost our ability to communicate and our relationships with one another. We lost our home, and have been wandering ever since.

Now, we don’t trust each other, and are at odds, at war, with each other and Heaven.

Yet, every two years we come together and proclaim part of the Story. “The message of peace, honor and respect.”

We desire peace and unity, and proclaim the brotherhood of all mankind. And while we say this, we are engaged in mortal combat with one another. We may be smiling and waving our flags in Sochi, but just out of sight we are waging commercial warfare, manipulating world currencies, dropping bombs, beheading infidels, or spying on our friends.No matter, it is all the same. We proclaim brotherhood with our mouths, and by our actions show the world who our true father is. Yes, the thief comes only to rob, kill, and destroy.

Christ has come, and only at His return will the nations be united.  Only in Him will we be brothers at peace.

Of course the enemy always presents his counterfeit in an attempt to deceive as many as possible right before the real thing comes.

The pictures at top are of Anish Kapoor’s sculpture Orbit at the 2012 Olympics, inspired by the Tower of Babel, and an early artists rendition of the same.

So now I’m seeing my beloved Olympics in a different light.

From the light of Eternity.

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