The Lie of Rational Darkness


“Things must be this way, out of necessity. To do anything other than what natural logic dictates is naive, foolish, childish”.

This is the lie of Rational Darkness.

The proof texts from our shared experience are familiar to most of us. And they almost make too much sense to ignore.

For example, we’ve convinced ourselves that children are a financial burden and an inconvenience. And have told ourselves repeatedly that they aren’t real until they are kicking and screaming in the delivery room.

And so we’ve murdered 50 million innocent human beings here in the good ole’ US in the name of personal convenience and “choice”.

The lie of Rational Darkness says that it makes sense.  After all, there are too many mouths to feed on the planet as it is. Planned Parenthood operates as if Humankind is a blight on the face of the earth, a virus, as Agent Smith in the Matrix so rationally stated.

The Truth says that mankind was created in the image of God, just a little lower than the Angels. Our lives are sacred.

Look around you, and you are tempted to believe the lie if you walk by sight. It’s hard for me to see the heavenly image in the drug addict, alcoholic, convict, welfare mother, or the abuser.

But it’s there, if you close your eyes and hear their story. Their struggles. They are plainly the thief on the cross. As are we all if we see ourselves clearly.

The lie says that if only we had guarded our borders better, our nation would be secure. That aliens, especially illegals, are not needed to run our country. Several generations of Americans believed the first lie, about babies, and now we as a nation all suffer the backlash as immigrants take their place. We killed our children, they have been replaced, and we will lose our nation as a result.

“The road to Hell is wide, and many walk that way .” Something like that. Basically, if everyone else believes it, or is doing it, there’s a good chance that it’s in error.

“Worship me, and I’ll give you all the kingdoms of the world”. The lie says to take the shortcut, and reap the reward now.  We forget that these things have been given us already, we only need to wait for them to arrive in due time.

But we want it now, and give our inheritance away, or worse kill it, in order to secure what is already ours. We lose in this transaction, every time. We literally sell ourselves, and our children futures, when we do.

Darkness tells us that the shortcut is expedient, time is a’wastin, we’d best get on with it.

Darkness says that good things only happen if WE make them happen. Ironically, once we believe that, for us it becomes true. It’s turning the light switch off as we enter the room. We have lost our sense of grace, of living expectantly, of being greatly loved. We are lost.

Darkness also says that once we’ve failed, the way has closed behind us, that there is no way home. And that forgiveness is granted sparingly and only after much effort, sacrifice and pain on our part.

This all says that when we stumble and fall, the price of the ticket home is on us. And that God will always look down on us as second class citizens.

If we believe this, it becomes true, and we wander in the dark. Blind to the oxymoron that has become our life.

Rationality can easily lead us into the comfortable arms of the crowd, lost on the wide way.

But The Truth says that there is another way, the narrow way of superabundant grace and forgiveness, of a renewed mind, restoration, and rebirth. This is a hard path to find and follow, fraught with obstacles, and pitfalls. But all we have to do is to walk by faith, in the Light, and we will find our way home.

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