The Constitution, stupid…


Sitting here thinking about James Carvilles now famous Clinton-era sound byte…”The economy, stupid! ”

Similarly, the phrase that should be on the tip of every legal citizens tongue should be, “The Constitution, stupid!”

Yes, I’m one of “those” people. You know, the ones which believe that the Constitution of the United States has divine origins.

So it makes sense, really.


That the country which is doing such a fine job of eliminating the slightest hint of the Name of the Living God, is working at fever pitch to eliminate the one document in this country that protected the inalienable rights given by Him.

One question.

If we kill the Constitution, haven’t we killed the very nation itself?

No. Not until they take every last Bible from us. That is the one Divine Weapon that will continue to challenge, convict, pierce, and then heal the human condition. It will infuriate the world, and cause it to unite against Christ himself in a display of warfare. Even if they take them all away, it still won’t silence the Truth.

We know how that endeavour turns out.


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Aha! Look what I've created. I... have... made... FIRE!!!
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