God Wills It

god wills it







Not really sure where to start in this. So, I’ll just dive in nose first, heading straight for the bottom.

I remember the religious flock of idiots in “The Kingdom of Heaven”. There, teetering on the verge of war, one religious priest-sheep steps up and asserts that the Cross of Christ, like a talisman, cannot be beaten. And says there must be war, “God wills it!” And in unison the other morons all raise their voices and shout “God wills it!”, as if they suddenly discovered that they could cause God to move by their noise and repetition. Jesus said something about that…

Interestingly enough, Muslim fanatics have also used their version of this phrase to support their fatalistic view of life, and their gods interaction with humanity. “Insha’Allah”. If Allah Wills it.

Contemplating some very major life changes here, all very desirable. But the thing I am remembering in a large way is that I can’t force Gods hand. I can’t make anyone, let alone Him, do what I think is best. I can pray, beseech, hope, believe. But that’s about it.  Praying loudly or repetitively does not assure that He hears, agrees, and has been moved to act.

He can’t be coerced.

And this is all leading me to think that perhaps we can want something too much. We can agree with what we think God would want in a situation, but still be miles apart. From Him, from each other. We may be simply raising our hands and shouting to those around us. They may, or may not, agree. Even if they do, that doesn’t mean that God will.

The only thing that we can do in those circumstances is to pray, trust, and believe. When we aren’t sure of God’s leading, His presence, that’s the only sure thing to do. “Wait on the Lord”.

So I pray about these things, hoping to hear a clear and unmistakeable trumpet note.

For if I do, I will know that He has already been working in the situation, and that I’m not stepping out into the crowd of fools.

And that’s worth shouting about.

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