Last Comic Standing

obama winksI love Last Comic Standing, and Joe Macchi. Joe really knows how to walk the line, poke you in a sensitive place, make you uncomfortable, tell a great joke, and then allow to to find relief.

I’m not Joe Macchi.

I will make you uncomfortable, but I won’t give you relief. Only you can do that, in 2016.

So, how do you feel about our first AA President?

Or perhaps our first Socialist President?

Or our first admitted, inhaling midnight-toker?

Or the first illegal alien in the White House?

Is he a genuine citizen? (I think he was a foreign exchange student, hence his closed records.)

Is he even remotely qualified? Even barely credible when he is flapping his gums?

IMHO, not at all.

I think that he is a traitor to the principles this nation was founded upon, a violator of the Constitution, and of the laws of the land. A stuffed shirt trying to bluff his way as Commander in Chief.

He appears to be, more and more, a Charlie McCarthy doll, who turns his head and opens his mouth on cue. But who is pulling the strings?

If his lips are moving, he is lying, deceiving, or doing a Clintonesque “the meaning of ‘is’ is…”

Yes, that’s the effective legacy of AA. No not African American, no, not Alcoholics Anonymous.

Try Affirmative Action.

This is what you get when you try to social engineer by racial quotas in order to give yourself a warm fuzzy. That’s our national tendency now a days. We’ve become used to it, expect it, demand it. We wanted the First AA President. We also got the second, which was no better.

It wasn’t an effective policy when I worked for a Fortune 500 company that rammed that ideology down our throats. They directly told us white middle class men that we would not advance because the company was pursuing “diversity”. Yes, it was highly illegal to do so, but they had us by the short hairs, what were we really going to do? So they took a number of marginally qualified students from uncredited universities and moved them right to the top in short order. Down the road, they silently moved most of the social experiment children into places where they could do the least damage.  After all, the apparent failure quickly appeared to validate the very stereotypes they were determined to erase. Which was after all embarrassing. But it was not because they were largely African American.

This happened because they were generally inexperienced and unqualified, often with meagre training for the role they were suddenly expected to fulfil. They had been set up for failure by the very policy that was designed to do the opposite. Yeah, humorous in a sick, sad sort of way.

Which is my entire point when it comes to Barack Obama.

I think his stand-up is passable, good enough that he ought to quit his day job. Please, quit.

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