U.S. commander warns of Ebola threat at Mexican border – Washington Times

U.S. commander warns of Ebola threat at Mexican border – Washington Times.

Just want to know who really thinks leaving our borders open and unprotected has been a good thing for this country?

Do you want higher wages? Not happening if our government leaves the border open for cheap labor to come flooding in.

Do you want better health care? Not happening if untold millions of new illegals come here, and Uncle Obama throws his ever loving wide arms open for them. Especially if they bring other diseases with them.

Do you just want to find a job since you’ve been laid off, and unemployed? Yep, more difficult if we suddenly have an extra couple of million draining our social services and church benevolence programs, while they seek work.

Do you want to maintain your sense of national identity and standard of living? Forget about it.

Either we close the borders, or we are toast. Buy gold, silver, and lead, stock pile food and water, ditch your smart phones, and unplug, for even if the borders close, there is some bad juju coming.

This cheerful public service announcement brought to you by the One World Government Coalition.


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